Corporate Royalties

Controlling Curroption

Below are some of the organizations who send money personally to Christi. To verify this information we have attached her tax returns which can be viewed HERE.

25 Companies

Christi received money from over 25 oil and energy companies

$130,000+ from energy companies

Documents show Christi received over $130,000 from energy companies

10 Companies $100,000+

Christi received over $100,000 just from 10 companies!

$25,000 & Above

Sheridan Production Company LLC
Pioneer Natural Resources USA INC

$24,999 - 10,000

Kinder Morgn Production Co LLC
Apache Corporation
RBC Capital Markets LLC

$9,999 - $5,000

Parsley Energy Operations, LLC
Enlink Midstream Operating LP
Endeavor Energy Resources
ICA Energy Operarting LLC
Crownquest Operating LLC

$4,999 - 500

Chesapeake Operating INC*
Lewis Petro Properties, INC*
Pitts Energy Company
3-M Energy Corporation
Plains all american Pipeline, L.P.
COG Operating LLC
Clayton Williams Energy Inc
Phillips 66 company
Robertson Resources, INC
Rust Oil Corporation
BAM Permian Operating LLC
Blackbeard Operating LLC
DE Operating LLC
Gossett Jones LLC
*Royalty’s sent more than once

Controlling Curroption

Images of Christi tax returns can be seen HERE for verification.

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